Confessions of a chair

A very special chair is moving into Credit Life's meeting rooms.

Always there,
even without a throne


In the beginning I thought that I would just stand in the corner and have to go if necessary. No chance! Instead I'm right in the middle and people are always looking around for me. Why this reaction? I am only a chair and stand here. But then it clicked: The people at Credit Life see a lot more in me. Even though I'm a chair on the outside, I'm a human being. Obviously, I even play a very special role, that of the client!

That's why I stand wherever people hold meetings at Credit Life. My green colour and lettering make me completely out of the ordinary; my chair colleagues are rather muted anthracite. Visually unmistakable, the customer always sits symbolically at the table. Even if this logic sounds a bit weird, it helps. I have been told that people are very visually oriented and pay particular attention to things when they are standing in front of them.

There are even others of my kind. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos owns a brother of mine and always takes him to the conference table. Through digitalization I even see little brothers sometimes and he told me Bezos' motto: "We are a customer company, a company serving the customers". Credit Life sees it the same way. We customer chairs constantly remind people that they should adopt the perspective of their customers. We help them to think from the end.