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Card protection

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Cashless payment has long been on the rise. More and more people appreciate "plastic" as a convenient means of payment. With the popularity of this payment method the product range is also increasing. Thus, the question arises: How can you succeed in clearly distinguishing yourself from the competition within a highly contested market where more and more providers are wooing the customers? The answer: sensible value-added services combined with payment cards, credit cards or current accounts that make your provider profile unique.

Securing payment defaults – demand-oriented and tailor-made

Our payment protection solutions maintain the solvency of your customers even in the event of income disruptions. They ensure the settlement of payment obligations (e. g. rent or purchase instalments) if your customer's disposable income is reduced, for example in the event of disability or unemployment. These insurance solutions can be ideally combined with payment, credit, EC cards (current accounts) or service contracts. Your customers can comfortably choose the protection that suits them as a supplement.

From a vast variety of possibilities, together with you we develop insurance packages that are geared to your products, services and target groups, and optimally support your sales channels. Services that are recognized by your customers as your products and thus make a decisive contribution to your company profile in the market.

Furthermore, these products can be used very conveniently. Because the additional insurance policies do not have to be researched and concluded separately.

Our solution

Additional features that help and protect

Credit Life offers you suitable solutions for various aspects of your clients' lives.

You have the option of putting together your individual service package from a wide range of options. For example, enhancing credit cards or current accounts with added value that will enable you to retain customers over the long term. Here a few examples:


For customers who want to optimally protect their holiday. Travel cancellation insurance, trip interruption insurance, luggage insurance, travel health insurance, travel accident insurance, travel assistance, delay insurance


For customers who frequently travel by car. Possible additional mobility features included: rental car comprehensive insurance, cover offers, assumption of the deductible for rental cars, back to invoice, added-value coverage, mobility protection, protection in the event of loss of a car key


For customers who want to shop without worries. These services are available every time you pay with your card: ticket cancellation insurance, best-price guarantee, purchase and delivery insurance, repair cost insurance

All round

For customers who want to protect themselves from the unpleasant consequences of loss in everyday life. Mobile phone insurance, credit card and document protection (in case of loss of the card or other important documents, such as driver's license or passport, the provider will take care of blocking and/or replacement of the documents), ATM robbery


For customers who want to move safely on the Internet. Purchase/delivery protection, situational security options, IT protection offer (data rescue after hacker attack or virus attack, deletion and blocking of personal and misused data (reputation management), protection against financial losses after identity abuse (phishing, pharming, skimming), replacement of payment cards and identity documents, help and support in case of hardware and software problems by telephone or remote session (IT assistance) as well as telephone legal support in case of data misuse, cyberbullying, copyright infringements, subscription traps, provider disputes

Payment default

For customers who want to secure their solvency. Here, existing payment obligations are assumed, e.g. in the event of disability, unemployment or death of the cardholder

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