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Term life insurance

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The statistics make it all too clear: When the income of the main earner is lost, 60 percent of your customers will only be able to pay their monthly obligations for a maximum of two months with their savings, after that they need support. With a competitive term life insurance, Credit Life closes this supply gap, making an important contribution to customer loyalty.

Term life insurance plays an important role in covering loans

With a term life insurance, your customers can protect their family and surviving dependents without having to invest large amounts of capital. For you as a bank, mortgage broker or building society, such a solution considerably reduces the default risks involved in financing.

However, in order to ensure that both sides receive the best possible protection, the solution should be adapted as closely as possible to the individual case. As a biometric specialist, Credit Life therefore offers various product variants. From term life insurance without a health check, to term life insurance with a health check and sums insured (decreasing or level), to special solutions with annuity-decreasing sums insured, which are perfectly suited to a 100 % coverage of real estate financing. And best of all: With all Credit Life solutions, you can design the final product individually.

Thus, you have the right insurance solution for every customer which always provides the optimum protection for your investment.


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