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No matter whether four- or two-wheeled: Vehicles are often subject to a heavy loss in value within the first years. A total loss or theft during this time therefore hits the owner financially particularly hard. In the event of damage, motor vehicle insurance usually only reimburses the replacement value of a vehicle. This sum is usually far below the purchase price. Anyone who would like to buy an equivalent vehicle or even has still another credit to pay off, experiences an additional and unexpected financial burden.

Making the protection of value retention part of the offer

With a protection for the value retention in the offer you provide for your customers, in the event of a claim, the insurance covers the difference between the purchase price and the replacement value or even a percentage or fixed premium.

The individual design of the product is up to you. One possible benefit variant is the payment of the full difference between the purchase price and the replacement value within the first two years after the purchase, 30 % of the replacement value from the third year onwards.

The insurance is available for the value retention of new and used passenger cars as well as motorhomes, caravans, motorcycles and vans. It can be completed by individual additional services.

Installing additional services

You can offer protection for value retention both as a supplement to financing or as an independent product. As with all products from your protection manufactory, there is also a selection of additional services enabling you to easily adapt this solution to your sales channels and requirements as well as to the needs of your target group. Lean, certified administrative processes ensure a favorable cost level and above-average service quality for your customers.

Examples of additional services that can be integrated:

  • Compensation of a deductible from the comprehensive insurance, if applicable.
  • Misfuelling: compensation of costs for the removal of the wrong fuel.
  • Further or return journey to destination or place of residence: Costs for trains, flights or taxi journeys as well as any surcharges incurred will be reimbursed.
  • Accommodation costs: Reimbursement of accommodation costs that occur until the vehicle is repaired or reimbursement for a rental car.
  • Loss of keys: Reimbursement of the costs for a replacement key and the journey there (public transport or taxi).
  • Loss of license plate: Transfer of costs for the changeover and for the new license plates themselves.

More money in the event of damage

The protection for value retention does not replace casco insurance. However, if the customer consciously waives comprehensive insurance, at least the protection for value retention will pay the agreed benefit in the event of damage. It can be taken out anytime – without being tied to an existing or new car insurance policy.


Please find below a selection of definitions and risks.

Temporary disability


Permanent disability


Dread diseases


Accidental death

Disability caused by accident

GAP Leasing & GAP Finance

In the case of car financing through loans or leasing, your customers can face considerable financial burdens in the event of a total loss. Since casco insurance usually only pays the replacement value, which in most cases is below the redemption value of the financing or the leasing contract.

Close the gap

The GAP insurance pays this difference and fills the gap. Thus, you secure your own claim and generate additional income. Your customers get the opportunity to terminate the respective contract without residual debt. After that they can think about financing or leasing a new vehicle unencumbered.

Your individual GAP insurance

As always with Credit Life, additional services can also be optionally added here, according to your wishes and the individual needs of your target group.

With GAP insurance, you can sharpen your image as a provider of customer-oriented financial services.


Please find below a selection of definitions and risks.

Total loss due to fire

Total loss due to theft

Total loss due to explosion

Total loss due to accident

Total loss due to severe weather/flood

Total loss due to impact of animals

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