More successful

Continuous product development for sustained market success.

Our Partnership with Bank11

For more than seven years Credit Life and Bank11 have been implementing competitive products together, regularly tapping new target groups. Thus, the Bank11 can concentrate on its core business as well as regularly launch successful innovative solutions.

Credit Life continuously supports us in developing new products and optimizing existing ones. We can rely on a strong partner, who is innovative and future-oriented, so that we can be more successful together.

Benjamin Klatt Head of Sales Department, Bank11

Features of the Cooperation

  • Cooperation begins even before market entry with the development of a competitive payment protection insurance. It will be available at the launch of Bank11 activities in January 2011.
  • Continuous development of new products and adaptation to changing frameworks.
  • Credit Life supports Bank11 from the outset in the preparation of sales support measures.
  • Our simple insurance policies are customer-friendly and therefore also very attractive for intermediaries.
  • We regularly review our products and cooperation agreements to ensure they always meet the latest legal requirements.

The Task

Bank11 intends to enter the market quickly with competitive service right from its foundation. Therefore, a partner is required who can provide payment protection insurance in less than six months. In addition, this partner is to regularly create innovative products new target groups can be tapped with and business can be expanded with sustainably. In order for these solutions to hold their own in the market, they must be designed to be easily understandable and have a good price-performance ratio for customers. It is also important to be highly attractive to car dealerships, as partners and agents of Bank11, in order to facilitate sales.

The solution

Credit Life acts for Bank11 as a provider of ideas and solutions, giving comprehensive support as a partner in the implementation of various insurance solutions.

  • The payment protection insurance EvoPrevent (2010) covers risks that lead to a financial disadvantage for the borrower in connection with the closed car loan and/or accessory and repair loan and that endanger the continued payment of the loan instalments (death, disability, unemployment).
  • The back to invoice insurance EvoGap+ (2011) covers the costs in the event of total loss following fire, accident (own or third-party fault), flood, total loss and other risks covering the total loss. The difference between the original, actual purchase price of the vehicle and the replacement value on the day of the damage can be insured.
  • The finance gap insurance EasyGap (2012) serves as an alternative product to the back to invoice insurance. It covers the difference resulting from the possibly higher redemption amount of the loan agreement and the replacement value of the vehicle on the day of the damage.
  • Senior tariff for the payment protection insurance (2012)
  • Payment protection insurance and overdraft protection for Bank11direkt (2013)
  • The EasyPrevent cost protection insurance (2014) serves as an alternative product to the payment protection insurance, protecting the borrower in the event of disability, occupational disability or incapacity to work.
  • Conversion of insurance products from group insurance contracts to individual insurance contracts (2015)
  • EvoPrevent is supplemented by assistance services in the event of disability or unemployment. The new product name is EvoPrevent Assistance (2016).
  • Preparation of legal requirements for IDD and GDPR (2017)
  • The EvoRepair mobility guarantee for repair insurance covers not only public transport services but also risks such as loss of keys, loss of license plates and misfuelling (2018).

The implementation

From the outset, Credit Life has planned on the long-term development of its cooperation with Bank11. Focusing on the continuous further development of products and services and thus securing joint market success over a long period of time. The sustained partnership reduces efforts for Bank11 to adapt its IT systems, saving resources permanently. Against this background, Credit Life initially concentrates on providing comprehensive advice to Bank11 with regard to the market launch and sales. Following the successful launch of the payment protection insurance, further product variants will be introduced, such as those specifically tailored to the online sales of the Internet subsidiary Bank11direkt or for the 60 plus target group. In answer to far-reaching changes in the legal framework, Credit Life counsels Bank11 and implements the necessary adjustments such as the switch from group insurance contracts to individual insurance contracts. Credit Life also supports Bank11 through periodical training and targeted advice on the product, as well as with materials and support for marketing. In addition, there is continuous personal support from Key Account Management and training for the Bank11 sales force from the Credit Life Academy.


Bank11 is a credit institute specializing in sales and purchase financing. It supports the medium-sized motor vehicle trade – since 2018 also the bicycle trade – with competitive mobility and insurance offers. This enables the partners of Bank11 to offer their customers simple and attractively priced financing products. The financing offer is aimed at car dealers of all brands as well as independent dealers who are looking for a complementary alternative to purchase and sales financing. The name Bank11 includes the year of its foundation as well as an intrinsic association with sport intended to symbolize passion, enthusiasm and team spirit. Sole shareholder of Bank11 is the Werhahn Group, based in Neuss, a family business that has been active for over 175 years.